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Marketing, Branding, Analysis, UI and UX design by Michael Foster. He’s like having your very own WYSIWYG.

There’s a surgical process to creating websites that work. I want to know the details of the business plan. Are you looking to present your best work in a gallery? Sell stuff? Are you looking to steer future clients to your social media sites? Do you simply want your phone to ring? It’s important to know what the website needs to accomplish before you start whipping up a User Interface. And as for the design, that’s the visual poetry that emotionally connects to the viewer, which heavily plays into the User Experience. If the viewer doesn’t feel anything, they won’t be motivated to do anything.

“I’m not a full-time developer, but I know enough about the back side of things to get myself in trouble. I’ve worked with HTML5, CSS, WordPress, JQuery, MySQL and have at times dabbled in (gasp) Drupal. I figure I’m about 70% designer, 30% developer. That being said, I probably don’t give myself enough credit for knowing the technical side of things. I’ve troubleshot some websites that even full-time developers can’t seem to figure out.”


It’s Time to Work on Your Website

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