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Current Lectures and Presentations

PechaKucha Presentation 2016: Reinventing Perceived Value, Space, and Time Through Modern Art

From prehistoric cave paintings to Jackson Pollack, art emotionally defines a society. Sadly, we tend to devalue art because it does not directly fulfill basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Artist and designer Michael Foster discusses how viewing modern art will confront someone with socially acquired patterns of feelings, thoughts, and actions—in a fairly safe environment. And he will demonstrate the secrets and motivations behind his own work.

Chicago Comic Con : Reinventing Pop Culture as a Visual Language

Some say the American Empire is folding, others say it is just beginning. Regardless of your position, one cannot deny the cultural impact America currently has upon the world. With the advent of mass media in the 20th century, the stage has been set for a new cultural revolution led by the United States. Presented here is the first 20 minutes of the lecture.