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Ben Hollis with Michael Foster at Water Street Studios

Published on Oct 30, 2012 Creative force Michael Foster (Huffington Post) is hanging in the Fox River Valley these days. Ben Hollis (WTTW's WILD CHICAGO) tracks him down at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.

Talking With a Top Curator at Amazon Art, on the Fine Art of Reinventing Art Buying

Even though Amazon is a big name, and a brand known throughout the world, Amazon Art is still not on the radar of many people, and just now becoming known. Even internally at Amazon, many people haven't heard of Amazon Art.

Culture Is Not a Luxury

The history of humanity is known and understood through the arts and artifacts left behind.

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Reinvent You: The Third Manifesto.

Just about everyone is trying to change their life. Reinventing yourself is becoming essential. The world wants minds and lives to be changed. Reinvention is as necessary as breathing, clean water, and staying healthy.

The Reinvention of Telling the Truth

In everyday communications, we prefer that someone tell us the truth. But why has it become so difficult in the digital age?

Exploring the Psychology of Fine Artists in the Digital Age with Yanina Gomez

We are saturated by the media, in the form of advertisements and the Internet selling us unlimited number of programs, supplements, systems, and medications to address this triad. But, what about exposure to the fine arts? Can art influence our psychol...

An Artist Has to Reinvent Themselves Each Day: The Creative Life of John Andro Avendańo

Contemporary artist, John Andro Avendańo is continually working on making art, and showing his work in art festivals and galleries in Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Seattle, New York City, and selling to collectors around the world who have connected with his unique vision.

Taming the Negative Voices in our Heads

When we get stuck in patterns that hold us back, the root cause is often the absurd negative voices nattering in the background of our minds. The ones that seems to be stuck in a loop of repeating negative ideas that we’ve long outgrown. We know better, but time and distance hasn’t taken us far away enough to outrun habits learned long ago.

What makes Seattle so sexy?

The city of Seattle is surrounded by water on all sides, and the topography forms a natural hourglass figure that in the autumn, winter, and spring months is perpetually moist from rain. The lush green landscape creates a feeling of love for and enjoym...

Notes on the War Against Freedom of Expression

The world has never needed free thought and free speech more than now. When free thinkers, cartoonists, satirists, and cultural instigators of every type are gunned down in one of the world's cultural centers, minds need to be drastically changed.

Technology As an Extension of Fundamental Humanity: An Interview With CEO Dave Sabey

In short, the sooner we can adopt new technological tools the better it will be for all of us. Nothing has ever improved human life like advances in technology.

A Free Speech Fairy Tale

Humor and satire were viewed as the rightful modes of expression they always had been, and always would be. The sharing of humor is one of the main ways people rise above adversity, and bond, and become better people.

What It Takes to Let Go and Start Over

Whether or not we are granted a fresh start every year, the world is set up so that we believe it’s possible. But a fresh start doesn’t just involve starting something new, it means letting go of the past.

We Make Our Own Luck

Making your own luck is connected to looking at yourself from a different perspective, stepping outside your comfort zone to try new things, reinventing how you do certain things, and finding the mentors you need to get a more focused look at what your...

Communication Avoidance in the Age of Mobile Devices

In the digital age we seem to be always connected – in any given day we could be overly connected, randomly connected, intensely connected – and over time, some people go down the digital rabbit hole as far as being addicted to communication devices, and must physically and psychologically detox in a non-wired environment.

Retraining Our Brain’s Software in the Digital Age with Dave Sabey

From the beginning of a career spanning more than 40 years, Dave Sabey has sought out people with a fresh perspective, an inspired vision and a relentless sense of purpose. We spoke with Dave about technology, training your subconscious and snapping yo...

Good Writing Matters: A Conversation With Tree Swenson, the Director of Seattle’s Hugo House

"Hugo House is such an important community resource, and it's fittingly named in honor of Richard Hugo, a Seattle writer who had a national impact. He's the perfect namesake for a writers' center."

How Do You Reinvent Yourself to Be Who You Want to Be?

In our overly self aware post-modern world, we are sometimes forced to think like a 3-D chess master, always seeing our potential careers, relationships, and social situations several steps ahead. We live in a society that celebrates big, splashy victo...


PechaKucha Presentation 2016: Reinventing Perceived Value, Space, and Time Through Modern Art

From prehistoric cave paintings to Jackson Pollack, art emotionally defines a society. Sadly, we tend to devalue art because it does not directly fulfill basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Artist and designer Michael Foster discusses how viewing modern art will confront someone with socially acquired patterns of feelings, thoughts, and actions—in a fairly safe environment. And he will demonstrate the secrets and motivations behind his own work.

Chicago Comic Con : Reinventing Pop Culture as a Visual Language

Some say the American Empire is folding, others say it is just beginning. Regardless of your position, one cannot deny the cultural impact America currently has upon the world. With the advent of mass media in the 20th century, the stage has been set for a new cultural revolution led by the United States. Presented here is the first 20 minutes of the lecture.