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michael foster

Advertising / Art Direction / Graphic Design / Fine Art / Writer

p: 425.495.0415

At the age of fifteen, Michael began his professional career by drawing children’s menus for a chain of restaurants in the Southwest. His experience in graphics, marketing, illustration and video production fill an essential need in advertising agencies, printing companies, and design firms. Besides his work at Boojazz, he is currently the senior graphic designer at Lighthouse Marketing in the Chicagoland area.

Some of the clients Michael has worked with include: Microsoft, ClearSounds Communications, Casino Shuttle, US – Japan Business Council, JW Merc, Reliance Accounting, RAINN (co-founded by Tori Amos and Sarah McLaughlin), Chicagoland Speedway, Richard Shay Photography, The British Embassy in the United States, Ben Hollis Worldwide, Aphex, Molly Force ND, Port Townsend Chocolates, Trinity Construction, Bandza Corporation, Call JULIE, PepsiCo, Lindy’s Gerties Restaurants, Inland Arts & Graphics, Mark Pearson, Crescenzo Communications, KCM Accounting, and 1776 Restaurants. His previous television work has gained the interest of major studios such as Dreamworks SKG.

jaime foster

Art & Photography

p: 425.495.5759

Jaime Foster began her career working in the newspaper industry as a photojournalist for the Herald News, The Sun, and Liberty Newspapers. She quickly learned how to capture spontaneous moments on location, while remaing an unobtrusive observer, so she could capture subjects in candid moments. These skills have become her trademark, where she applies them to portraits and weddings.

Aside from photojournalism, her work experience ranges from commercial work for large corporations and small businesses, to creative personal portraits, and in her spare time… works on her paintings.

Jaime says she shoots whatever catches her eye. “I love going to small towns and taking pictures of people. There’s no posing… but in that moment, it’s perfect. People go through their lives and never notice the little things, and it’s the little things that count.”