Masters of Visual Communication

We conduct the research, create the visuals, and execute ideas that insure the best possible chance of hitting your target audience, a group that is constantly changing with the trends of our fast-paced society. With Michael and/or Jaime in your corner, you gain exclusive access to a competitive edge without the expense or snotty attitude of a large downtown design firm. It’s professional business conducted with the care of a personal relationship.

We have trouble saying "no" to stuff.

We've worked on so many different kinds of projects, even we lose track of our skill set sometimes. That's because when we're asked to do something, we usually say "yes." It's how we've acquired such vast and extensive list of talents. If you're in a rush, call us right now at 425.495.0415, otherwise feel free to browse around and see what kinds of magical things we can do for you.

Oh, the places we've been


Michael's graphic design, marketing and branding skills are presented here in this gallery.


Paintings by Jaime (MINI-SITE)

View Jaime's latest works of art, as featured in Chicago's Elephant Room Gallery & 33 Contemporary Gallery.


Web Design by Michael

Michael designs UI/UX driven emotionally engaging, sticky fun websites that inform and entertain.


The Reinvention Movement

Michael writes for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today about reinvention and technology in the digital age.


Collaborative ARTS

Jaime and Michael work with Chicago artists Andrew and Barry in a collaboration.


See it to believe it

View the 2012 interview from Ben Hollis known from Wild Chicago on PBS.


pEOPLE AND PLACES WE've worked with in the past include...

(Above: Top Banner Photo taken at FermiLab in Batavia, Illinois)